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COMPATIBLE ROLAND PIANOS CG-1,* CPF-107,* CPF-140,* DP603, F-140R, F107, F701, FP-10, FP-30, FP-30X, FP-60, FP-60X, FP-90, FP-90X, FRP-1,* GO:PIANO(GO-61P), GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-in(GO-61P-A), GO:PIANO88(GO-88P), GP-3, GP-6, GP-9, GP-9M, GP607, GP609, HP601, HP603, HP603A, HP605, HP702, HP704, KIYOLA(KF-10), LX-7, LX-17, LX705, LX706, LX708, MP-200,* RCP-800,* RP102, RP107, RP-500,* RP501R, RP701 *Available in certain regions only. Additional Roland piano models will support the Roland Piano App in the future. Please check back for the latest compatibility information. Note: Make sure that your Roland digital piano is updated with the current system program. The latest system program and setup instructions for your model can be found on the Support pages at https://www. roland. com/. NOTICE FOR USERS OF THE ROLAND PIANO EVERY DAY APP If you’ve purchased sheet music through the Piano Every Day app, you can continue using it within the Roland Piano App. From the Roland Piano App, create a Roland Account with the same email address that you used to register Piano Every Day, then log into the app using that account. When logged in, your purchases will be available in the app’s Library section. APP INTRODUCTION The Roland Piano App elevates the Roland piano experience, allowing you to take your musical education and enjoyment even further with a smartphone or tablet. This next-generation app is our best ever, combining wireless remote control with enhanced learning features and an updated interface that’s simple, streamlined, and intuitive for everyone in the family to use. • Powerful companion app for select Roland home pianos with Bluetooth connectivity • Control piano functions such as transpose, split, key touch, ambience, and more • Select and explore different sounds, including many non-piano sounds that may not be available from the instrument’s panel • Visual metronome for timing practice • Recorder function for self-evaluation • Fun flash card and ear training exercises to build skills • Select songs and view musical scores for your piano’s onboard song library • Use the One Week Master feature to gradually learn a new piece in seven days • Play along with a full-band sound using automatic accompaniment that’s controlled with left-hand fingering • Unlock over 300 pieces of sheet music with a Roland Cloud Core, Pro, or Ultimate membership NOTES • To use all functions in this app, a connection with a compatible piano model is required. • Communication between a compatible piano model and an iPad/iPhone requires a Bluetooth connection. • An internet connection is required to use the features of Roland Piano App, including recording, Library access, and addition preset functionality. Any communication expenses (packet communication fees, etc. ) incurred while using this application will be charged to customers. • We cannot guarantee full compatibility with all devices that meet the specification requirements.


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