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Fart Cat!

Fart Cat! iOS 7.0 и выше

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iOS 7.0 и выше

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Официальное описание Fart Cat! для iOS 7.0 и выше

It’s Fart Cat! - the fun for all ages arcade game featuring the finicky kitty with the means to defend his personal space! Help him achieve solitude with two fun and flatulent modes: Fart Cat! and FartCrAfT! Sometimes cats just want to be left alone! The debut title from Summer Camp Studios, Fart Cat is a race to feed our feline hero enough food so he can launch an offensive (smelling) attack at his affectionate owner. How to Play 1) Fart Cat will think of a food, and it’s your job to find it on the bottom of the screen and flick it up into his mouth! 2) Feed him as many foods as you can - but act fast! Fart Cat is finicky and may change his mind. 3) Don’t see your food available? Tap on Fart Cat’s belly to “refresh” your options with a solid *POOT*. 4) Once Fart Cat has enough fuel in his belly, tap away to launch a fart so big that it literally clears the room! Crank up the volume, Fart Cat’s owner can only stand so much! 5) Take too long and your game ends with a kindly pet on the head! Sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Fart Cat! PRO TIP - Go for the high score! Bonus points are awarded for completing a room quickly, streaks of correct foods fed, and for gobbling up any rare golden mice. BONUS MODE – FartCrAfT FartCrAfT gives you the chance to be a master chef of olfaction. Feed Fart Cat any combination of the five available ingredients (a mouse, stinky cheese, a fish head, a cheeseburger, and a stack of pancakes). Then tap his tummy to experience your unique creation! *Featuring unique sounds for each fart! *Discover all 32 fart recipes to receive the FartCrAfT chef hat! *Hit the shuffle button to play through your unlocked farts! Thanks for playing!

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Fart Cat! — скриншот 1Fart Cat! — скриншот 1Fart Cat! — скриншот 1Fart Cat! — скриншот 1Fart Cat! — скриншот 1

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