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Get the most out of your closet - for the price of a latte or a gossip magazine, you could have a closet assistant for life! Stylebook® has over 90 features to help you curate your closet and get more out of what you own! Import your actual clothes, create magazine-style outfits, plan what to wear, create packing lists and learn more about your wardrobe with statistics like cost per wear - in this totally customizable app! AS SEEN IN THE NEW YORK TIMES JUNE 12, 2017 Stylebook is an expert wardrobe organization and closet management tool created by a fashion industry insider, who got her start as an intern in the Vogue fashion closet and is an alum of Lucky magazine. Included in Condé Nast Travelers Best Travel Apps for Packing and Mashables Ten Fresh Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts 2014 Tabby Awards - Users Choice Winner in the Lifestyle Category Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. REVIEWS Easily see what is working and what isn’t - A must for Cher Horowitz types! - Vogue Australia Closet-organization apps allow you to catalog your wardrobe and play stylist...I find Stylebook to be the most intuitive. - New York Times Brilliance! - Lucky magazine Our new wardrobe secret weapon is the @StylebookApp - THE OUTNET.COM 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Fashion Week - Vogue Paris The Clueless virtual closet exists in real life, OMG - Cosmopolitan UK ...the ultimate wardrobe manager - InStyle 9/10...Best wardrobe organizer ever - Wired App Guide Perfect if youve caught yourself daydreaming about tomorrows outfit with nowhere to jot it down. - Wall Street Journal ...wardrobe organization at its best - FabSugar FEATURES CLOSET: add images of your own clothes BACKGROUND REMOVAL TOOLS: cut out your clothes for easy collaging LAY OUT OUTFITS: layer and resize clothing on a free-form canvas OUTFIT SHUFFLE: shuffle your closet like a deck of cards to reveal new outfit ideas hiding in your closet! ICLOUD BACKUP: protect your data by backing up with iCloud PACKING LISTS: add whole outfits, plan how youll pack ahead of time, generate printable checklists and infographics STYLE STATS: insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, including what you wear the most, what you wear the least and which items get the most bang for the buck BROWSE YOUR CLOSET: See your closet organized by brand, fabric, color, size and more NO LIMITS: add unlimited clothing, accessories and inspirations to your outfits CALENDAR: plan what to wear in advance CUSTOM CATEGORIES: add, edit or delete any category in your closet, looks and inspiration library SHOP: shop items from store websites and try them out in your virtual closet before buying; plus, add your own stores INSPIRATION LIBRARY: track and save your style inspiration STYLE EXPERT: read interviews with fashion insiders, learn how to manage your wardrobe, find out how to make your wardrobe last, and more! SEARCH: search your closet for keywords or properties like fabric, season, color, etc. SHARE: share outfits and clothes with friends via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest WIFI TRANSFER: transmit looks, clothing items or inspiration to other iOS devices HELP: searchable how-to manuals and demo videos included E-MAIL SUPPORT: in case you need help, contact ALSO FEATURED BY: - Better Homes Gardens - Good Housekeeping - Real Simple - Harpers Bazaar UK - Glamour - Marie Claire - The Los Angeles Times - Refinery29 - 1 on 8 Fashion Apps Worth Downloading - The Tyra Banks Show - New York magazines The Cut - And more - visit for the full list! DEMO VIDEOS: - Visit to watch demo videos of the app! If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to send us an email at!


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