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Fable Anniversary – Heroes and Villains Content Pack

Fable Anniversary – Heroes and Villains Content Pack WINDOWS

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Lionhead Studios
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This additional content pack contains 11 full outfits 14 weapons and the Lions Head Helmet.Obsidian ArmourAfter years of using Obsidian for weapons one entrepreneurial Blacksmith known as Smithy decided to craft armour with the material instead. This is the prototype that he created and due to an unfortunate encounter with a Rock Troll was never able to see his work finished.Blacksmithys BludgeonerThis weapon was crafted in honour of the late Smithy the Obsidian Blacksmith made out of the very Rock Troll that brought his life to an early end.Leather Armour SuitThe flexibility of a Leather Suit combined with the protection offered by a piece of armour this outfit was tailored to meet the demands of the more lightweight and nimble Hero.Axel the AxeLegend tells it that a rivalry between two Blacksmiths culminated in two axes being crafted Ronok the Axe being the most famous but Axel the Axe being the more powerful. When trying to settle the dispute both Blacksmiths ended up delivering simultaneous fatal blows to each other with their own axes. The world lost two great weapon architects but gained two incredible weapons.Aeons ArmourSaid to have been carved aeons before the Old Kingdom and that it was the template used by the Archons for their Battle Armour. Its original name is unknown being refered to only by its age instead.Sophias SwordCarved from pure platinum and imbued with the wisdom of a hundred gods this is one of the most durable weapons in all of Albion.Minion Fancy Dress OutfitWear this to make those around you run in terror! Important Note this outfit has been unsuccessfully tested on a real Minion and it does not have the same affect.Lions Head HelmetHave you ever hoped for a way of keeping a big ego in check? Hope no more for the Lion’s Head helmet is proven to tame even the most eccentric of egos! Please bare in mind this will tame the ego not the tongue.Wasp OutfitCreated by a tailor with a wasp infestation in his home he wanted to use this outfit as a way to fool the wasps into thinking that he was their new Queen. Long story short it didnt work.Wardogs SwordIn a fight between a Minion and a Balverine observed by wandering Traders in Witchwood it would appear that the Balverine sliced straight through the Minions weapon leaving behind this wonderful piece of weaponry that has since been refined into a single sword.The BuzzaxeA Wasp was found in Greatwood impaled to a fence and found by a wandering beggar. As beggars cant be choosers he took this weapon and made it his own.HobbecasterThe Hobbe Spellcasters favourite weapon this example was found by a wandering Trader in Darkwood and then immediately lost it to a game of Blackjack.Weapon Of the DamnedA Summoners weapon of choice this beast is said to be able to cut through flesh from over 6 feet away. You wouldnt want to be the poor sod to test that theory though would you.Undead AxeHow can an Axe be Undead you ask? We dont have the answers to that but we can guarantee that it can create new Undead by removing the living.Pre-owned Thunder OutfitThe story is told that damage was done to this outfit in a sparring battle with Whisper although the last man to suggest such a thing didn’t live in Bowerstone for much longer. Lady Grey saw to that.Guildmasters Spare OutfitThe Guildmaster is renowned for owning multiple outfits that all look the same. The more fashion conscious Hero would baulk at even the thought of this although the saving grace is having a Guild icon tattooed on your forehead. Thats real fashion.Borrowed Whispers OutfitquotSomething old something new something borrowed something bluequot or so the old saying goes. This outfit of Whispers was given to Lady Grey as a gift for one of her many weddings. Which one? Nobody knows.Big Clucking HammerRefined by the Blacksmith known only by the name of Señor Nando it took 10 chickens to create this fearsome hammer. For years afterwards he swore that no chickens were harmed in the development of this weapon although those claims fell apart when a hammer was heard clucking one day.Rise Of the FenixquotDude that sword is hugequot was often the description used for this weapon. The name inscribed into the hilt of the weapon states quotProperty of Biffy Cquot.Kraken CatcherThis Giant Hook was rumoured for many years to have caught the Kraken that lives inside Bargate Prison. The bait was the real success story though who knew that a living Hobbe attached to a hook could be such a desirable Kraken meal.Jack Of Blades OutfitNow’s your chance to dress up as the Hero they all love to hate. Or perhaps it should be ‘hate to love’. Either way when people see you they will scream now that can’t be all bad now can it.Lady Grey Cosplay DressCosplaying the excuse to dress up in tight and revealing clothing. So go on throw a curveball into the mix – purchase this for a man and get him to shout ‘It’s a Trap!’ when another man stares. Priceless.Mazes Lost OutfitFound in the loft of a no longer occupied residence of Hook Coast for reasons unknown this outfit is assumed to be the long lost outfit of Maze from the Heroes Guild.Dragonstomper .01The first weapon planned in a long line of ranged combat weapons. Breathe fire at your enemies watch them burn!OnebladeAfter Twinblade was defeated in battle by the Hero of Oakvale this sword was found discarded on its own so the weapon name pretty much wrote itself!The Big BooBig scary and is said to follow those that turn their back on it - The Big Boo is known to stab those in the back and release more spirits for it to feed on.


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