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Food Truck Simulator (Steam)

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Официальное описание

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While sitting at the office during yet another boring meeting, you come across an ad for an old food truck for sale. The entrepreneur in you sees a chance to make cash and change up your life while at it. Embark on quite a different type of business venture and take control of every single aspect of it.

The old food truck you buy is in dire need of some proper cleaning. It’s not just removing some dirt with a sponge, there is among other things rust and debris to deal with. It has to be thoroughly cleaned up before you can proceed with renovating and customizing.
The used food truck you buy is an old piece of junk, there is no denying it. You have to thoroughly clean it up before you can start rebuilding it. All the interior has to be removed, the inside restored and then you have to rebuild it using new furniture and appliances. This isn’t as easy as it might sound, as you are dealing with a limited space.
The interior is not the only thing you have to take care of. Not only does the outside need attention, you also have to take care of the food truck to be mechanically in working condition again.
You need to define a menu that you are able to cook effectively in the kitchen you created. The amount of items on the menu is limited by your kitchen’s capacity. But it isn’t as simple as that.
Customers in different areas have different tastes and expectations. Creating a menu that fulfills those is crucial to avoiding customers approaching and leaving without an order due to the menu lacking what they want.
Pricing obviously plays a role, too. You can alter the entire menu or just the prices for different customer types and locations.
You expand your food truck by buying more and better appliances for your mobile kitchen or even upgrading to a better, larger food truck. The menu itself is limited to 5 entries at the start of the game and can be expanded to 20 entries with proper upgrades of the kitchen and storage facilities.

It isn’t however as simple as just the menu and the food truck. There is an entire city to explore with different locations featuring different types of customers with different expectations you will have to meet. The business people in the financial district won’t find much appeal in the menu you created for the construction workers and vice-versa. You also don’t want to stick to one place the whole day, but instead relocate throughout the day serving breakfast in the commercial district, lunch at the office park, use the brunch time to be at the financial district and so on.
It is up to you to find the most lucrative combination of times, locations and menu that works for you and the capabilities of your food truck.
You can cook a wide variety of dishes and you have to do it on your own paying attention to not only get the dishes right, but also to make them quickly. The preparation and cooking process is detailed and requires you to prepare all the ingredients. Some dishes have to be prepared and cooked entirely on the spot, while others you can prepare at least partially beforehand and store them in the fridge or appropriate storage.
Preparing and cooking is based on real-life physics to bring the immersion of actually making dished to a new level.
The game features a wide range of customers with different tastes, demands and willingness to wait or tip.
While preparing food and serving customers you also need to keep an eye on your supplies and alter the menu accordingly. There is nothing worse than having lots of customers and running out of supplies to cook and serve them or customers ordering food you realize you don’t have the supplies to make.
You have to take care of your food truck. Renovating and equipping it after you bought it is one thing, but you need to maintain it to keep it running. The kitchen equipment as well as the truck itself are subject to wear and tear. Cleaning, maintenance and repairs are tasks you have to familiarize yourself with, but don’t worry, you have your own little garage.

Key Features

  • Buy and renovate different food trucks.
  • Wide range of customization options.
  • Large catalogue of equipment options to choose from.
  • Create your own menus and dishes.
  • Detailed cooking system.
  • Different locations across an entire city with different types of customers.


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