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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home (Steam)

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189 ₽ новая стоимость. 379 ₽ Выгода — 190 ₽


379 ₽ новая стоимость. 189 ₽

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Сейчас цена на Home Sweet Home — 379 ₽ .

"Home Sweet Home will be released digitally on the Xbox One, PlayStation4, and PlayStationVR for PS4 on October 16. A physical edition of Home Sweet Home, which includes the base game and PSVR mode, will be released exclusively to GameStop stores across North America on October 16." Do not miss out on the most terrifying game you'll play this Halloween season; pre-order Home Sweet Home from GameStop today: For digital download, please visit (PSN) and (Xbox Store). Apart from that, North America users can visit for Electronic Boutique Canada. Synopsis Tim’s life has drastically changed since his wife disappeared mysteriously. In one night, after suffering from the sorrow for a long time, he woke up in an unknown place instead of his house. While trying to escape from this place, he was hunted by a rancorous female spirit. Can he survive? Is this place actually his house? Does it relate to the disappearance of his wife? Some dark sinister secret is hidden inside this house, and it won’t be a place of happiness as it used to be any longer. Key Features • Thai Horror - Environment is based on horror Thai setting and the narrative is inspired by Thai myths. • Challenging Gameplay – Focus on stealth gameplay which requires player’s skill to overcome. • Diversity of Gameplay – Puzzles and investigations are integrated into the game for variety of gameplay.


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