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Aurora Dusk Steam Age

Aurora Dusk Steam Age (Steam)

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Инди, Ролевые игры, Стратегии
Sylvain Harlaut

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Сейчас цена на Aurora Dusk Steam Age — 174 ₽ (вместо 249 P). Это лучшая цена, зафиксированная с 25.12.2021.

Aurora Dusk is a collaborative sandbox game. Do not expect to win alone. You will need the help of many companions to build a city and unbreakable defences.Build Anything You Want create and customise your characters. plant resources and harvest them. build workshops and manufacture your equipment. learn spells and master all the schools of magic. build ramparts and defence turrets build barracks and recruit soldiers and siege weapons. assemble gigantic golems and command them. evolve from the Wood Age to the Steam Age.You keep your characters from one game to another and accumulate experience. You can unlock special abilities and progress continuously.You are not limited to one character. You can create, name and control more than 100 characters. Use the editor to create artificial intelligences in few minutes in order to switch any character to automatic mode.Play multiplayer in co-op or versus in the 3 game modes. You can play online or in a local network. You can leave and join a party at any time.The game settings are easily accessible. You can add new maps thanks to the image editor. It is possible to edit and create additional content with a simple text editor.Aurora Dusk: Steam Age offers you: 6 ages going from Prehistory to the industrial age. 8 playable races (humans, dwarves, elves, half-elves, colossus, felines, black elves and Astalans) 380 items (weapons, armour, mounts, spells, consumables...) 75 skills with their individual experience bars 62 buildings (workshops, houses, turrets, barracks...) 27 resources to plant, harvest and transform. an adventure mode with 16 missions and 6 levels of difficulty. a skirmish mode to battle up to 10 villages. a survival mode to fight unlimited hordes of monsters. 50 maps.Try the free version:You will automatically recover all your characters when you upgrade to the Steam Age.


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