Super Toy Cars Offroad

Super Toy Cars Offroad Xbox / Windows (Microsoft Store)

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Xbox / Windows
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Super Toy Cars Offroad brings the series off the beaten track and into the mud, sand, snow, and more! Find your own way in this fast-paced arcade racing game where you control miniature offroad cars that speed through amazing tracks populated with supersized everyday objects. Drive your offroad vehicle where no other toy has gone before! Leave your own trail through burning beach sands among suncream and sandcastles, or step in virgin snow among huge snowboards and ski goggles, or through any of the impressively detailed 15 tracks available in the game. In Super Toy Cars Offroad you can choose between 20 very different vehicles, ranging from ATV, buggies, cars, and big trucks. Picking a fast vehicle is important but a tough one too! Competition aint gonna be soft on you and size matters, so choose wisely and crush your opponents under your wheel or leave them behind eating the dust! In no other game will you revive better that feeling of playing with your toy cars when you were a kid during your holidays or a short trip to the playground. Fasten your seatbelt and get racing in this new offroad adventure of Super Toy Cars!


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