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Terms of Use

Website (Hereinafter referred to as the" Site") is an online resource that contains articles to help you operate mobile and gaming devices, unique content reviews, information about the content being viewed and their creators, prices and monitoring, as well as user reviews and other sections. The site helps the user in the operation and selection of content, as well as informs about price reductions. Additional information: about the project

Use of our site is only possible under the terms and conditions set forth in this user agreement. If you do not agree to its terms, you should immediately stop visiting this site. Using the site means that You agree to the terms of this user agreement.

1. General provisions

1.1 Each registered user of the site can freely subscribe to the application of interest to receive notifications about price changes.
1.2 by default, Each user has a limit on the number of subscriptions, which is removed when switching to an extended account.
1.3 for all accounts, when changing the information and (or) the cost of the application in subscriptions, the following notifications can be sent at the user's request:

- E-mail (to the email address specified during registration on the site)
— Push notifications

1.4 Each user can manage their subscriptions on the site.
1.5 All materials on the site are provided for informational purposes only.
1.6 All information of the service is up-to-date and is updated several times a day in automatic mode.
1.7 the editors of the service are not responsible for the content of reviews, reviews or reviews of various materials, including applications.

2.1 the app Developer may request the site editors to delete reviews/reviews / reviews of their app if this review/review / review violates their rights.
2.2 the app Developer may not require the site editors to partially or completely change the text of reviews/reviews / reviews for its app, since the published user messages are protected by copyright law.

2. The agreement

1.1 by Registering and / or using our site, you automatically agree that all notifications sent by us are carried out in accordance with Your initiative (subscription to applications) and can not be considered spam, like any other messages from our project. You also automatically agree to the rules of conduct on the site and agree to comply with them.
1.2 the Site is not a mass media outlet.
1.3 the Founder and developers of the service cannot and do not bear responsibility for possible shortcomings and errors in the operation of the service itself, as well as the accuracy of the information provided, but are interested in improving their quality and maximum accuracy. If you find any inaccuracies or possible errors in the service, please immediately report them to the bug report section.
1.4 all information about prices is provided by the relevant stores and is publicly available, and therefore neither the founder of the service, nor its developers, nor any other persons are responsible for receiving and processing information obtained from public access by the service.
1.5 by Registering and / or using our site, you automatically agree to the transfer and processing of personal data by the service through a web site (web application) and other applications created by the service itself or its partners based on the service data connected via the REST API.

3. Copying and / or quoting information

1.1 when using and/or copying any information on our site — an active link the source material is required!
1.2 The link to the site can only be omitted if the link is already active it was listed on all pages of your site in the partners section.
1.3 The reference to the service as a source of information is mandatory in all cases of using our Internet resource, except for compliance with clause 1.2 of this user agreement.

4. Accounts and restrictions

1.1 for standard accounts, there are reasonable restrictions that are aimed at maintaining the activity of users of the web service.
1.2. Switching to an extended account is performed when the user reaches 5 messages (comments / reviews) on the site.

5. partner Stores

1.1 Connected stores for price comparison may be partners of the project, but not in all cases.
1.2 Partners may charge rewards for purchases when switching from our service to the store's website (not in all cases). There are no extra charges when you go to the partner sites is not possible.
1.3 Partner rewards (if any) can only be used to compensate for forced expenses of the service: kopacek, web hosting, payment of domain name, the xbox live API.
1.4 the site User is aware that links to partner stores may be referral links to account for the actual click-through. By clicking on these links, you contribute to the content of the service.
1.5 the selection of stores for price comparison is based on user reviews of the service.
1.6 the display of stores for price comparison can be configured in your personal account, and the display of stores can be enabled or disabled.

6. Other

1.1 any advertising on the site is contrary to the service's policy. We do not advertise any apps, stores, or anyone else's services, and we adhere to the principle of maintaining order and cleanliness of information on the site.we do not install ad blocks even for financial support of the project itself.
1.2 users Add content to the site based on their personal interests.
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