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Tears of Adria

Tears of Adria Windows / Mac (Steam)

Windows / Mac
Windows / Mac
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Сейчас цена на Tears of Adria в Steam — 520 ₽. По статистике максимальная скидка на Tears of Adria в Steam делается каждые 2 нед.. Следующую скидку стоит ожидать приблизительно через 5 дн..

What is Tears of AdriaTears of Adria is a roguelite map explorer game that focus on party building with a auto-battle combat. This game unfolds in multiple paths for your adventure: begin with a single hero and grow your army, or opt for a stealthier tactic with a band of six Rangers, capable of shooting down enemies before they even have a chance to move. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself as a lone, powerful Necromancer commanding an undead legion, or align with the Orc Clan to bring chaos to the land. While Tears of Adria is designed for multiplayer enjoyment and is perfect for a dynamic game night with up to four friends, you can also enjoy yourself in the equally engaging single-player mode. Single-player mode is especially popular among those who enjoys chasing achievements, with each achievement unlocking new playable characters. With our comprehensive level-up system, each play-through of Tears of Adria promises a unique experience. The game features numerous random elements set within a consistent map, for now, ensuring fresh challenges and discoveries every time. This variety fuels the pursuit of building the ultimate hero and encourages players to experiment with different builds, keeping the gameplay engaging and replayable. Key Features: Exploration: Uncover hidden dungeons, lost artifacts, and powerful items as you traverse a rich and mysterious world teeming with secrets. Auto Combat: Engage in fast-paced, strategic battles on a 20x20 grid, where the wrong setup will cost you the victory. Random Level Up: Experience unique character progression with randomized level-ups, abilities, and events. Multiplayer: Team up with friends for cooperative adventures, challenging free-for-alls, or intense team battles. Shape Your Own DestinyIn Tears of Adria, create your ideal party, choosing from a vast array of companions who join you on quests and henchmen who bolster your ranks. Each character features randomized level-ups, ensuring a variety of skills and abilities that vary based on race, class, and alignment with every playthrough. With over 125 companions and numerous henchmen at your disposal, the strategic possibilities are endless, allowing for a uniquely tailored gaming experience every time. InspirationTears of Adria draws inspiration from the classic Kings Bounty, featuring six heroes instead of one, with an enhanced focus on party building. Another significant influence is Heroes of Might and Magic, which I consider a successor to Kings Bounty. My experiences playing this series, from versions 1 to 5, especially in hotseat mode with friends, have profoundly shaped this game. We later played with autocombat in multiplayer as we got older, leading me to implement real-time autobattle in Tears of Adria. This ensures combat is swift and engaging, lasting seconds instead of the traditional 10-20 minutes. Other inspirations include Blood Bowl and Mordheim, where I was particularly drawn to the level-up and skill systems. This influence is evident in Tears of Adrias random level-ups and permanent wound mechanics. Talisman, a board game I enjoyed in my youth, also had a significant impact. Some companions and events in Tears of Adria are derived from this game, and the gameplay is somewhat similar, though Tears of Adria is in real-time. Players navigate a map, collecting items and companions, and battling enemies, echoing the essence of a classic board game adventure.


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