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NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE Windows / Mac (Steam)

Windows / Mac
Windows / Mac
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420 ₽
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По статистике максимальная скидка на NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE в Steam делается каждые 4 нед.
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windows, mac

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210 ₽ новая стоимость. 420 ₽ (Экономия 210 ₽)


420 ₽ новая стоимость. 210 ₽

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Сейчас цена на NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE в Steam — 420 ₽. Самая выгодная цена, где можно дешево купить — 100 ₽ в магазине plati. По статистике максимальная скидка на NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE в Steam делается каждые 4 нед.. Следующую скидку стоит ожидать приблизительно через 4 нед..

NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD is a “multi-ending ADV” depicting daily life with “OMGkawaiiAngel”, a young girl with a rather extreme need for approval attempting to become the #1 “Internet Angel” (streamer). Gradually build up OMGkawaiiAngel’s number of followers as she spends her days streaming, using various ”stress relievers”, and generally being kinda messed up. Experience all the different crazy ups and downs and find out for yourself whether this story is even capable of having a happy ending. Turn “Ame” – somewhat of a hot mess of a girl – into an OMGWTF-cute internet angel and jumpstart her career as a live streamer for the most hardcore nerds online!Ame:While she may look somewhat low-key and quiet, she’s actually a ridiculously selfish and vapid girl with a tendency to get carried away and a desperate need for approval. She’s, well. . . kind of troublesome personality. Likes: Her S. O. /producer, “P-chan”; psychotropics. OMGkawaiiAngel:An “internet angel”. Ame’s alter ego, used while streaming. Pretends to be really nice and sweet. Constantly flirts with nerd types. P-chan:Gender, age, and all details are unknown. Or maybe its you?■As Ame’s beloved (???) “P-chan”,offer daily commentary and guidance to help foster her into a top-tier streamer. Under your direction and guidance, she can amass more and more devoted listeners/obsessed fans, turning her into a super-popular streamer. – and thus allowing you to squeeze stupid amounts of Super Chat out of her donation-happy otaku followers. ■Gotta get topics for streaming! Lets do all kinds of things from afternoon to evening to find out hot topics for streaming. Sometimes you just need to take a little break because streaming can be stressful. Take Ame on dates, serve her up a little bit of naughtiness once in awhile, provide her with a little something-something to take the edge off when she needs to release some pent-up stress, and use social media to grumble about to help keep her happy and mentally healthy. But be careful. Depending on your actions, she might increase her "sickness level" and be swallowed by the darkness of the Internet!*NOTE: This is a perfectly wholesome game, containing absolutely no explicit sexual references or expressions nor illegal substances. For real!You can see the results of your daily actions and behavior via social media, where Ame-chan will use both public and private accounts to talk about you. People have a tendency to act supportive and friendly on the outside, while talking loads of smack and spreading rumors privately. ■Youll get a variety of messages every day!Lets reply back to them with stickers. Ignoring messages is not a human thing to do. Dont make her angry. You’ll sometimes receive long-winded, tedious criticisms and insults, but that’s just par for the course when dealing with a cute girl streaming on the internet. Be sure to take proper care of her. ■The game features multiple endings!Your streamer will do things like become weird and emo for various reasons, subject her trusty P-chan to harm, and generally get messed up in the head. Begin your adventure and see for yourself whether a happy ending is really even possible for a cute yet disturbed girl on the modern-day internet. Lets Plays Welcome!Wed love to hear from you anytime at our official account( https://twitter. com/infowss )Guideline for lets plays and content creation herehttps://store. steampowered. com/news/app/1451940/view/3132817655051752608


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