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The Last Bastion

The Last Bastion Windows (Steam)

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Сейчас цена на The Last Bastion в Steam — 550 ₽. По статистике максимальная скидка на The Last Bastion в Steam делается каждые 5 мес.. Следующую скидку стоит ожидать в ближайшее время/дни..

Burdened with the responsibility of command after a catastrophic defeat, you are forced to flee through a country unraveling before the sword of a ruthless conqueror. Panicked and directionless, the people turn to you for help as you attempt to gather troops, resources and companions to mount a desperate defense. With the enemy close on your heels, keep moving to stay alive while mustering your strength, as you make for the last bastion of resistance to stave off complete annihilation. Decide where your loyalties lie and what you’re prepared to sacrifice in this journey to determine the fate of your nation and the legend you leave behind. An Unrelenting Foe Your fierce, fanatical foe is hellbent on complete domination. Relentless as the winds that sweep their harsh homeland, they mow down your nation’s defenses and destroy all in their path. Stay one step ahead of the enemy, whittle away at their forces and race to your Capital to keep it from falling into their hands. Scarce Resources Empty stomachs and unhappy soldiers can be a recipe for desertions, or worse, mutiny. As your most valuable resource, avoid squandering their lives in costly battles. Manage dwindling resources as you build your camp to keep your troops fed and motivated. Choice & Consequence How will you conduct yourself in a world that’s falling apart? Every decision shifts your alignments, every action cements your character. Situations must be dealt with as they arise, and tough choices can have far-reaching consequences. With multiple fates awaiting your country, how you choose to play your story matters. Unique Strategic Combat Diversify your army with different types of troops that come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Maximize their advantages with optimum formations and deploy them in strategic real-time combat with pause. Recruitable CompanionsTo face insurmountable odds, you need extraordinary talent. Find Companions scattered across the country to help you in your cause. Each with their own backstory and agendas that need fulfilling, these steadfast, fair-weather or begrudging allies are necessary to lead your troops into battle and gain experience. Randomized World with PermadeathNo playthrough is the same in this procedurally generated world. Every run comes with unique scenarios and death is absolute. With no second chances, it’s always better to live to fight another day than pick a battle you will lose.


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