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ScenariosYou can play an extensive list of community made scenarios aimed to improve every aspect of your aim in an isolated way. Each scenario has a lot of settings and can be customized. When you upload a scenario on the workshop, a leaderboard will be created and everyone will be able to play it and submit their scores. RankedRanked mode is the best way to get an idea of your current skill level in 3 categories: clicking, tracking, switching. You will get a rank ranging from bronze to grandmaster, which will help and motivate you during your training. On each non-ranked scenario you can also get a rank based on your position on the leaderboard. RoutinesCreate automated routines by combining your favourite scenarios. You can also choose to play existing routines created by the community and get an idea of your progress through the in-game progress tracking tab. CustomizationEverything in the game is easily customizable from the settings menu, like: crosshairs, sounds, map textures, HUD, map shading, sky type, third person settings, etc. . Map editorAimbeast offers the best and easiest tools for creating maps and scenarios thanks to a fast and easy-to-use map editor in which you can easily create, test your maps in real time and then share them on the workshop. Progress trackingYou can track your progress on any scenario you play and view a graph showing how much you are improving over time. You can also filter by date or by parameter (score, kills, accuracy, etc. . ) and get an idea of the improvement over individual aspects of each scenario. Input & PerformanceAimbeast has the lowest input latency and highest performance of any aim trainer currently available and now supports controllers as well. You can choose between input curves to match your game of choice in case you are using a controller, while on mouse and keyboard you can match your sensitivity to other games directly. Human-like AIAimbeast has the most advanced AI movement system, which uses imitation learning so bots can move and behave naturally like a human. The movement system and every property and behavior is entirely customizable for every bot you create. LeaderboardsEvery scenario available in the game has a leaderboard, so you can compete with other players and get an idea of your skill level and how much you are improving over time.


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