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Naval Action – Trincomalee

Naval Action – Trincomalee WINDOWS

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Официальное описание

Naval Action - Trincomalee. This is a premium consumable ship. It is not refundable.The Beautiful Trincomalee. The ultimate chase ship.Trincomalee was built in from Teak in India by the master shipbuilder Jamshoot WadiaWadia Group is still operating in India and owns multiple businesses including an airline and a cricket teamTrincomalee blueprints were stolen from HMS Java by USS ConstitutionHMS Java was originally French sailing under name of quot;Renommeequot;Trincomalee was built based on the Leda Class designs Interestingly enough, another Leda Class ship HMS Shannon, captured USS Constitution weaker sister-ship ChesapeakeLeda class design was based on the French ship quot;Hebequot;Hebe was captured in combat by HMS Rainbow which was the first combat use of the CarronadesHebe was designed by Jacques Sane Sane also designed the Ocean, Duguay-Trouin, the Redoutable. A lot of ships at Trafalgar were designed by SaneTrincomalee was a training ship alongside HMS Implacable. Implacable was at Trafalgar under the name Duguay-TrouinTrincomalee operated till 1986These days Trincomalee is the oldest British warship afloat!About premium consumable vessels.Premium ships cannot be captured by players or traded. You can request this vessel from the admiralty once a day as long as you dont have the same vessel already in your docks. You will be able to request the frame and planking wood type when ordering a ship. Admiralty requests for this ship will be completed instantly.Rank required to sail the ship fully crewed. Imported DLC ships are perfect if you just want to jump into action quickly, ignoring hauling of resources, just buy guns, repairs and you are good to go. DLC will appear in your redeemable list after you dock to any port.


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