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Naval Action - Painter DLCPainter DLC is a consumable premium item that will give you access to ship paints. The obscure flemish painter had unfortunately won the duel over the matter of horses. Long story short - he is now in hiding in the Bahamas. He still thinks he can pay off his court debts and is collecting funds to do so. He is ready to paint certain ships in your docks for an advance fee once a day.Total number of paints available 240 paint schemes for 50 ships. Painter can create 1 paint per day.New paints if created will be added to the selection free of charge. How to activateThe Painter DLC will be added to your Steam account on purchasePaints will be available from the port interface Click R to access DLC contentClick a painter DLC button select the ship and paint you would like to receive in the drop down menu.Paint will drop into your warehouse or ship hold.Drag and drop the received paint to the ship paint slot in equipment window click E to access itGame Labs reserves the right to remove certain paints or add or change individual paints visually or their names in this package. Such changes will be announced in advance and paints will have to be available in game by other means if this happens.


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