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Hercules Frigate is a premium consumable ship. First flagship of Argentina’s Navy has a very rich history. She was built in Russia as light ship Legkii (Lightweight), surrendered to the French in 1809 in Trieste, who then sold it to Kingdom of Naples, who then sold it to the British as Duke of Palma. During British service ship escaped from the US privateers several times. In 1813 she was bought for 25000 dollars by the Navy of the United Provinces of the River of Silver and called Hercules. During this time, the ship was commandeered by the Irish captain William Brown, who liked to call himself Guillermo. Ship participated in fleet battles, blockades and helped to capture Montevideo from the Spanish Royalists. Ships stats Class - 5th rate Crew - 200 Max Speed - 13+ knots Guns - 40 About premium consumable vessels. Premium ships cannot be captured by players or traded. You can request this vessel from the admiralty once a day as long as you dont have the same vessel already in your docks. You will be able to request the frame and planking wood type when ordering a ship. Admiralty requests for this ship will be completed instantly. DLC will appear in your redeemable list after you dock to any port.


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