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Dead Cells: Soundtrack

Dead Cells: Soundtrack WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX

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129 P
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Официальное описание Dead Cells: Soundtrack для WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX

<h2 class="bb_tag">Music For Your Headless Self.</h2><br>This is the Dead Cells Ost. From the game. There"s like songs with guitar, and songs without. Sometimes with other instruments. Like voices, from the past, but now in the future, which is the present.<br>There"s sounds from a cat purring too, hidden somewhere.<br><br>This full length soundtrack will enhance your ears with subtle epic music to lead you to a never-ending world of fantastic fantasy. Now you can be the cool kid in the neighborhood, and go slash slash roll all the way into the sunset, while jogging.<br><br>For Human and cat use ONLY.<h2 class="bb_tag">All Jokes aside...</h2>This is a work in progress OST for Dead Cells, that"s to say there are currently 30 tracks totaling a little over 1 hours and 45 mins worth of music. As we add levels to the game and therefore new tracks, we"ll add them here for free! Only MP3 available for now but FLAC will follow up soon.

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