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Escape from Skull Dungeon

Escape from Skull Dungeon (Steam)

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Сейчас цена на Escape from Skull Dungeon — 66 ₽ (вместо 133 P). Это лучшая цена, зафиксированная с 29.10.2021.

Will you Escape from Skull Dungeon?This is an Escape Room experience that you can play solo or with up to 3 other friends.You find yourself trapped in a dungeon-themed castle. Solve puzzles, crack riddles, elude demons, dodge traps and discover hidden secrets in your adventure to escape Skull Dungeon.FAQHow long is the game?As a classic Escape Room experience it is intended to be played once. Crafty players can complete the game in about an hour, but some players may take longer.How difficult is the game?Skull Dungeon is harder than our previous escape room, Kyoto House. It also features some obstacles that require dexterity to avoid, like the Horror Mode in Kyoto House.Will there be more content?If Escape from Skull Dungeon proves to be popular, we really hope to release more escape experiences in the near future.[/i]Wishlist now!Grab some friends and get ready to Escape from Skull Dungeon - coming very soon!


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