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Deep Space Gardening

Deep Space Gardening (Steam)

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Deep Space Gardening is a chaotic couch-coop multiplayer game for two to four players. Work hand in hand with your friends to produce beautiful plants on colorful mini-planets. The eco-systems of the neighbouring planets are endangered! Deliver as many plants as possible to help restore their ecosystems before it’s too late!ATMOSPHERIC LEVELS IN TWO BIOMESMix berries to seeds and take care of your plants until they’re grown – be it between cozy trees of a forest or next to a sunny beach on a tropical island! 18 unique levels with various different game mechanics will challenge you to adjust and refine your team’s strategy every time anew.HIGHLY-MOTIVATED GARDENERSAstronaut, Dwarf or Rooster? – choose one of eight gardeners to play with and form a team of heroes, which will save the universe (once again)!LOCAL AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYERSit on a couch with your friends or play online with gardeners from all around the world – or even play local and online multiplayer combined. Deep Space Gardening is all about collaboration (and shouting at each other), so we’ve made sure that your favorite way of socializing has been covered.OVERVIEWExclusive space gardening experienceBeautifully crafted mini planetsLocal multiplayerOnline multiplayer (also in combination with multiple local players)18 unique and colorful levels 2 beautiful biomes, each with its own level selection planet8 lovely characters to unlock and choose from


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