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iFAction Studio

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The Visual Novel (AVG) mode of iFAction is published now!
Thank you for your support and expectations for such a loooooong time!
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at
We believe we can solve it together.

Do you ever have a dream to make a game but lacking appropriate tools?
Do you ever study hard for programming but on the verge of giving up now?
Do you have a good idea but suffering from poor drawing skills?
From now on, all of these scene will not reappear. iFAction will help you to overcome all the difficulties!

Multi Modes, Easy Visual Development

· Muti modes like ACT, ARPG and AVG can be created in iFAction.
· Like playing with building blocks, it is easy to draw maps, obstacles, enemies and interactive objects.
· With powerful and intelligent “natural layer”, the basic occlusion relationship can be determined automatically.
· Dragging to import resources and drawing to set access path.
· The vivid command is a perfect substitute for programming.

Extensive Library of Triggers

Novices can also make games.
· You can make character dialogue, weather effect, enemies generation with only one trigger!
· Beginners without programming knowledge can also make cool skills, dazzling particle effect!  
· For professionals, it offered script editor with JavaScript to expand your game.

Comprehensive MOD, Constantly Updated Resource

Customize user interface, summoning monster, naming system and etc. Various triggers and extension MOD help you to solve the difficulties.
Plane wars, puzzle game, idle game, tower defense, farming simulator and etc. Your excellent ideas can be realized by simple MOD!

Scanning Code To Play Online, Easy To Package Game

Scanning code in LAN, then you can play your game on mobile phone.
All of the leading platform are supported, including PC, Web, Android, and iOS!
No complex development environment required. Packaging to multi platform by pressing one button.
iFAction supports PC ,web and Android packaging now, and other packaging functions will be offered in 2021!

iFAction Free Trial

If you want to know more about iFAction before purchase, you can go to “” to download the free trial version.

Contact Us

If you have any question about the software, you can feel free to contact us for help.
Official website:
Official QQ group: 977585123


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