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Spuds Quest

Spuds Quest (Steam)

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Экшены, Приключенческие игры, Инди
Mouldy Toof Studios

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Сейчас цена на Spuds Quest — 189 ₽ .

Spud's Quest is an adventure game for Windows that draws its inspiration from the classic games of yesteryear, most notably the Dizzy, Zelda, and Metroid series.Take on the role of Spud and his friend Prince Charming on a journey to uncover four ancient elemental essences that have the power to remove a curse upon the royal family.FeaturesA rich fantasy-based world full of puzzles and secretsFive brain-taxing temples/dungeonsMetroidvania style powerupsQuotes”Wow! It’s amazing to see you emulate our style of games 25 years after we created them. It’s clear that playing Dizzy as a child has made a big impression on you.” - The Oliver Twins (creators of Dizzy) "It does look cool! It's obvious which inspirations you have, but you seem to make it your own thing, in a great way" - Markus Perrson / Notch (creator of Minecraft)"There’s honestly nothing like the rewarding feeling of figuring out how to use an item or make it past that seemingly impassable door on your own, and in that regard, Spud’s Quest achieves its intended effect quite stunningly." - GameZebo"Spud's Quest is a love letter to the best of the retro metroidvanias out there. It's instantly enjoyable but provides plenty of challenge and exploration with just the right dose of humor." - Jayisgames"Spud’s Quest is a truly joyful experience" - Twinfinite"Spud’s Quest is one of the best nostalgia throwbacks on offer right now," - AmbushedGamer#MadewithFusion


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