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Split is a first-person puzzle game with unique mechanics of creating copies of yourself and manipulating time. The gameplay combines many different types of puzzles from more and less famous puzzle games and takes them to a whole new perspective.After the recent war, engineers from Epsilon Energy created the Split indestructible shield system. It was to protect individual giant cities covering almost the entire planet from armed conflicts. Different cities have different policies towards their citizens. In West Ulrage, every citizen gets a guardian robot at birth. In Hal'Tor, pairs of robots raise several children each. Whereas in Dievez, people are raised in large centers. Most jobs have been taken over by machines. People work mainly as mechanics, programmers or operators.The Split control panel is riddled with numerous traps that will require both good reflexes and composure. You can try to destroy enemies or escape from them by using time manipulation and your own clones to distract them.The game's design refers to Brutalism, an architectural style popular around the 1970s. It was promoted, among others, by the game "Control". We mixed this style with the digital environment from "Tron: Legacy". The levels are full of nooks and crannies, which may seem empty at first glance, but lead to interesting places.We were inspired by games such as:Q.U.B.E.2”, “The Talos Principle”, “The Turing Test”, “Portal”, “The Witness” and “Antichamber”


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