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Factory Magnate (Steam)

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Factory Magnate is part factory builder, part business tycoon. It puts you in the shoes of an industrious factory engineer with a small loan of a million credits. Your goal is to build an empire of factories spanning multiple planets in a procedurally generated solar system. You seek to dominate the solar system through sheer wealth and influence, not military might or political power.AUTOMATION BY DEFAULTYou don't control a character and you can place factory buildings anwyhere, as long as you have the money to do so. This takes the "early game" known from other similar games out of the equation, because you jump straight to automation and skip all the manual labor.NO CRAFTINGIt's all about the money.. because in this game, money is your most important resource.You don't craft buildings, you buy them.PROFIT IS EVERYTHINGYou earn money selling your goods to the locals. They seem to have an endless supply of money to throw at you, but if you saturate the market, prices will drop - possibly making your factories operate at a loss. It's up to you to strike a balance.THE FACTORY NEVER SLEEPSAt the core of the game sits the main challenge: the factory is always running, and you must pay upkeep. If you're not selling enough to make a profit, you'll soon be out of business.You. Must. Keep. Selling.


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