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Factory Magnate

Factory Magnate (Steam)

WINDOWS, LINUXПредзаказ Игры
22.04.2021 N/A store
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Factory Magnate is part factory builder, part business tycoon. It puts you in the shoes of an industrious factory engineer with a small loan of a million credits. Your goal is to build an empire of factories spanning multiple planets in a procedurally generated solar system. You seek to dominate the solar system through sheer wealth and influence, not military might or political power.


  • Build factories
    You start out with a single factory site to learn the ropes. You set up miners to extract raw materials and build production lines to process materials and manufacture products. As you progress through the tech tree and expand your operation, more and more products become available. But the local companies tend to switch things up every now and then, forcing you to continuously adjust your production lines.

  • Manage multiple factory sites
    It would be so easy to set up a single factory to produce everything. Right? Yeah.. no can do! Companies will only accept locally produced goods, so to complete any given contract, you must set up production on the companys home planet. You will have to manage as much as 8 factory sites simultaneously and always keep an eye on production to make sure you're profitable.

  • Make money
    Local companies put out contracts for products, and you earn money by completing those contracts. Some are easy money, some will require some long term effort and commitment. And let's not forget that you're not the only factory engineer in this system. AI corporations will compete with you for those lucrative deals!

  • Build relations
    Aside from cash, you also earn relation points when you complete contracts. Relations are vital as you seek dominance of a planet - and eventually of the whole solar system. Can you achieve enough 5 star ratings to earn the distinguished title of Factory Magnate (and thus win the game) before your competitors?


Much of the core content of the game will be moddable. Modders will be able to change graphical assets (images, animations), add entirely new products, recipes, factory units, tweak existing core content and more. As with most moddable games this will increase replayability and longevity of the game.
Also, none of this requires any programming!


Development of the game is documented almost every step of the way on twitter, pretty much daily. Every second saturday a new devlog is published here on Steam, going through the most recent additions and changes. So, if you want to follow along, that is exactly what you should do: hit that follow button!


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