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Carnival Hunt (Steam)

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Survival of the fittest - Each side is struggling to survive. Not only the bunnies need charge to survive, so does the monster. Replayability - No two playthroughs are ever the same. To survive, you’ll need a trustworthy team and perfect execution.Multiplayer features - Make use of our in-game positional voice chat. Bring friends, or find other players using the server browser.Point of View - All players play in first-person and nobody has the advantage of better situational awareness. Circus is loud, circus has a crowdCircus is fun, you’re never doneBut now…Circus is silent, Circus is violent.No time for fun, you’ll need to run!THE BUNNIESObjective - Bunnies’ goal in each match is not to get caught by the Carnival Monster and exhaust all of the wind-up keys. Bunnies need to cooperate and survive till the Carnival Monster’s charge runs out.Twist and turn - Players must wind each other up before the charge runs out but beware of the sound generated from the charge-up.The sound is so loud that it can alert the Carnival Monster of your location.Wind-up Buddies - If you get caught by the Monster, you will lose your wind-up key and eventually run out of charge. But other players can share their wind-up keys with you or you can loot the limited number of wind-up keys lying around the map.Play Possum - There are procedurally generated groups of dead bunnies that can be found all over the map and you can play dead to hide among them.The Lazarus - Out of charge does not mean you are dead. Other players can use their own keys or loot an additional key to charge you back up.Helping Hand - Players can help each other to achieve certain objectives which are not possible to do alone.THE CARNIVAL MONSTERSThe Monsters - Each carnival monster has it's own unique set of skills to perform.The Magician - He simply performs walking and jogging actions, but bear in mind that he is a magician by day.The Hunt - You need to capture the bunnies and consume their wind-up keys to charge yourself up and keep hunting for more.Eyeball - In a situation where bunnies acting as if they are dead, the magician checks to see if it is an actual dead rabbit or a player pretending to be one. You can check all of them but you will lose precious time doing so.


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