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Caelus Trident

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Официальное описание

Caelus Trident is the debut game from Fractured Rogue Studios LLC. Paying homage to the classic arcade shooters you take on the role of the last ship of your armada trying to survive wave after wave of addictive space combat action. Helping you make your final stand are the captured ships of your allies that can be acquired to change up your play style. Can you defend Earth until the threat is vanquished? Inspired by retro arcade games Caelus Trident is a classic standoff against waves of enemies with the sole intent eliminating you. Change up your strategy with different ships different weapons to explore. Includes multiple difficulty levels for all players from casual friendly to twitch reflex testing challenge. Or test your captains metal in endless mode where the space combat never ends! Included Controller support brief story mode varying difficulty settings Endless mode for those looking for a real challenge


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