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Rhome is a first-person, dark, atmospheric exploration game where players navigate an increasingly chaotic and psychologically unnerving environment as the very fabric of reality unravels around you. Step into the role of Hailey Rhome, a distinguished architect, who returns from a long day at work to find her husband missing and her home a hostile and unfamiliar place.Explore Hailey\'s M.C. Escher-inspired home and uncover the truth of the nightmare that you\'ve stepped into.Key Features: An interactive, horror novella experience that can be completed in one sitting A fully voiced, female protagonist Puzzles that shape the house around you An uniquely chaotic environment to explore and discoverNotes: Rhome is published by SMU Guildhall and developed a small student team at SMU Guildhall over a development cycle of 16 weeks. Proceeds from your purchase of Rhome on Steam supports the students. They thank you for your support. Additional development to extend the game is not currently planned beyond its academic completion. Learn more at http://rhomegame.comA special note from SMU Guildhall:Rhome is now free to play! The game was made by students at SMU Guildhall who are graduating in May, 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak. This is a difficult time for everyone. We decided to make Rhome and our other recent releases free for two reasons: 1) With a challenging job market, we wanted to show off the students\' hard work to as wide an audience as possible. 2) Everyone stuck at home could use some fun, free entertainment.If you are one of the gamers who supported our students and purchased the game, we thank you. Proceeds go directly to the students to help offset some of the extra development costs of making and publishing the game.


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