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Brawlhalla: History\'s greatest warriors brawl to prove who\'s the best in an epic test of strength and skill. These slugfests are salted with powerful weapons and gadgets. Every weapon you pick up changes your style of playBrawlhalla is a free 2D platform fighting game that supports up to 8 local or online players with full cross-play for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android!Features: Online Ranked 1v1 - Climb the ranked ladder from Tin up to Platinum and beyond! Matches you against players near your skill level.Online Ranked 2v2 - Climb the ranked ladder with a friend! Matches you and a partner against teams near you skill level. Your friend can be online or right next to you.4 Player Online Free for All - Casual matches where four fighters enter, but only one can win.Cross-play Custom Rooms - Invite up to 8 friends on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, or Locally to a huge variety of custom matches: 4v4s, 1v3, 2v2, FFA, and much more.Many Game Modes - Mix things up with Brawlball, Bombsketball, Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot, and many more fun party game modes.The Training Room - Practice combos and setups inside the Training Room! Look at detailed frame data, hitboxes, hurtboxes, and sharpen your skills.Plus: Best-in-class spectating, match recording and replay. Dozens of maps. Single player tournament mode. An online brawl-of-the-week. Experimental mode. Millions of players for fast matchmaking. Regional servers for low-latency online play. Frequent updates. Tons of esports events and tournaments. Excellent support for keyboard and controllers. Career history and cool progress rewards. Ranked seasons. Friendly devs. Fun, fair free-to-play. And much more.How we do Free to PlayBrawlhalla will always be 100% free to play with no pay-to-win advantages and no in-game purchases to keep you from the action. Everything you can buy with real money is cosmetic (such as character skins, podiums, and KO effects) and none of them effect gameplay. The Legend Rotation of nine free to play characters changes every week, and you can earn gold to unlock more Legends by playing any online game mode. You can also check out our “All Legends Pack” that immediately unlocks every character we’ve ever made, and ever will make. Forever. Everything in the “Legends” tab in the in-game store would be yours to have. Note that this doesn’t unlock Crossovers. Here\'s what you can expect from BrawlhallaWeekly patches and updates. Online, custom, ranked, and local play modes.Over 50 Legends (and counting) to chose from and a free 9 character weekly rotation, unlockable with gold earned through playing the game. Loads of stages to fight on.Unique signature moves, weapon combinations and stats for each character.Ranked seasons every three months with seasonal rewards for playing ranked. A constant stream of new features, balance tweaks and Legends to make the game better and better.Excited Devs active everywhere eagerly listening to what you think!Our eternal thanks (you\'re our favorite).We’re always listening to community feedback and value what players are telling us. Throughout Early Access the Brawlhalla community helped steer the direction of development multiple times to make Brawlhalla the best it can be. That will remain the same as we continue to improve, expand, and adjust Brawlhalla based on community feedback post-launch.


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