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Pacify WINDOWS, MAC (Steam)

Открыть в Steam 133 ₽ P KENTАнтон+Ляпешкаподписались
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Shawn Hitchcock

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133 ₽ новая стоимость. 93 ₽


79 ₽ новая стоимость. 133 ₽ Выгода — 54 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. 79 ₽


93 ₽ новая стоимость. 133 ₽ Выгода — 40 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. 93 ₽


93 ₽ новая стоимость. 133 ₽ Выгода — 40 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. 93 ₽


93 ₽ новая стоимость. 133 ₽ Выгода — 40 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. 93 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. Бесплатно


133 ₽ новая стоимость. Бесплатно


93 ₽ новая стоимость. 133 ₽ Выгода — 40 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. 93 ₽


93 ₽ новая стоимость. 133 ₽ Выгода — 40 ₽


133 ₽ новая стоимость. 93 ₽

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Сейчас цена на Pacify — 133 ₽ . По статистике максимальная скидка на Pacify в Steam делается каждые 5 мес.. Следующую максимальную скидку стоит ожидать в ближайшее время/дни..

NEW CONTENTPacify now has 3 separate missions to capture three unique monsters. Each mission includes a unique environment, story, gameplay, and monster. Have fun with your friends trying to complete each eerie paranormal mission, and help PAH Inc. capture the supernatural entities.THE DOLLS MISSION STORYYou just signed on with PAH Inc. Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated, yeah sounds corny, but the pay is great. They said you won\'t ever be in any real danger, and they have tons of work right now. Your first job is at some old haunted house. There is a broker wanting to put the house for sale, but with everyone in the town spreading rumors of evil living inside the house, he needs some proof that it is safe. He actually seems creeped out himself. Anyway, he hired PAH Inc. to check the place out. You can go check it out alone if you\'d like, but I would take at least 3 more friends with me. Check the place out, and if there is anything supernatural going on, try to bring evidence back to PAH Inc.MYSTERY OF THE HOUSEThis house was built over 100 years ago. The owners ran a funeral parlor. They held normal funeral services such as ceremonies, wakes, cremation and burying the dead. The rumor around town is that they also offered a very special service, a way to talk to your deceased loved one on last time. Several people paid for the service, and after some type of ritual, they were able to speak to the dead. Something apparently went wrong during one of the rituals. A person from town and the owners of the house disappeared and were never seen again. Over the last century, a few people that investigated the incident never returned. A few kids sneaking around the place claimed to hear laughter and see a little girl in the window. There probably isn\'t any truth to any of it.GAMEPLAYIn Pacify, you will be running for your life around the narrow corridors of a dark, old house. There is a little girl that switches between good and evil roaming around. Different circumstances can cause her to change. Once the evil takes over, it will chase you and your friends all over the house. You must find a way to Pacify the evil and escape the house. As the game progresses, the evil gets smarter and faster.Play alone in single player mode, or play with up to 3 more friends in multiplayer. In multiplayer mode, you can choose to play with or against your friends. Read the notes for clues about Pacifying the girl. Find and use keys, dolls, wood and matches to help you on your way. The girl can hear and see you. Stay out of sight, and stay as quiet as possible. Try different types of strategies to win.Single Player ModeYou can go in the house alone, but the game will be difficult. You must do the work of 2-4 people all by yourself. It is possible though and very scary to take on the girl all alone! Co-Op ModeIn co-op multiplayer, you work together trying to help each other escape the house. You can save each other from the girl by interrupting her when she catches someone. PVP ModeIn pvp mode, everyone is an intern for PAH Inc. vying to get a full time position. The person that does the most work gets hired. You can push each other down and get in each other\'s way. Pushing a player on the floor stuns them for 5 seconds and causes them to drop their keys.


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