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SiN Episodes Emergence WINDOWS (Steam)

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90 ₽ новая стоимость. 259 ₽ Выгода — 169 ₽


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Сейчас цена на SiN Episodes Emergence — 259 ₽ . По статистике максимальная скидка на SiN Episodes Emergence в Steam делается каждые 12 мес.. Следующую максимальную скидку стоит ожидать приблизительно через 6 мес..

You are John Blade, commander of HardCorps, an elite security force dedicated to protecting the people of Freeport City. Four years have passed since your first battle with Elexis Sinclaire, a beautiful, brilliant, and ruthless scientist who is out to remake humanity according to her own twisted vision. The law has failed to bring Elexis and her multi-billion dollar empire, SiNTEK, to justice, so Blade is determined to take matters into his own hands. Joining Blade on his mission are JC - a hacker with a secret to keep - and Jessica Cannon, a fiery rookie who can find her way into any secure facility. Enter the living, breathing world of Freeport City, a futuristic collision of New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. As Freeport continues to suffer from mutant attacks, you must now bring down Sinclaire before she can set her deadly plan in motion and alter the shape of humanity forever. SiN Episodes: Emergence launches the new era of episodic gaming. A first person shooter powered by Valve\'s award-winning Source technology, SiN Episodes offers unprecedented interactivity, an engrossing story, and a revolutionary dynamic difficulty system that provides a custom experience based on your skill level and play style. Intense Combat: Face off against ruthless enemies, like jetpack soldiers and mutants that evolve as you fight them. Witness enemies that adapt to your actions and truly work as a team, as they cover each other and help fallen comrades to get back on their feet.Outsmart your opponents by using your surroundings to your advantage as you set up traps using lethal elements of the environment. Location-based damage rewards accuracy while melee combat moves enable you to get up-close and personal. Unprecedented Interactivity: Blast your way through highly interactive environments powered by an enhanced version of the Source engine. Characters dynamically react to what you\'re looking at and the environment. Target and shoot off specific vehicle parts and literally blow cars to pieces. Experience the next level of vehicle combat with a flexible positioning system enabling you to move around the interior with an unprecedented degree of freedom, allowing you to pick the ideal position to attack that enemy position up ahead. Personal Challenge System: Driven by one of the most elaborate statistics systems ever created, SiN Episodes will constantly adapt to your playing style and offers a challenge that is custom-tailored to your skill level. Episodic Delivery: Buy as little or as much of the game as you want, with each installment offering 3 - 6 hours of action-packed gameplay. But tread lightly, as the choices you make may influence future episodes in unforeseen ways. Source Powered: Utilizing the same engine that powered Half-life 2, Emergence gives you stunningly gorgeous graphics and intense physics-based gameplay.


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