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Elasto Mania Remastered Xbox / Windows (Microsoft Store)

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Xbox / Windows
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A NOT TOO CASUAL BIKE GAME Elasto Mania (commonly known as Elma) is an indie motorbike simulation game, a colorful 2D racing experience first released in 2000 as a successor to Action SuperCross. The remastered version is bigger & better than the original - the definitive way to play. This gem is challenging to master, but you will quickly get the hang of it, once you start playing! A NEVERENDING EXPERIENCE There is always something new to discover when it comes to this beloved enduro platformer. When you think you have completed all the levels and collected all the goodies, it’s time to go online and compete on the leaderboards, or play together with a friend for a new perspective on old levels. And don’t worry, you won’t run out of content - there are more than a hundred additional levels in this version, with even more on the way. A CULT CLASSIC The days of floppy disks, CRT monitors and dial-up internet are long gone, but our old school favorite outlived them all - and it’s still going strong. A lot has happened in the past two decades, but this fully formed cult classic is still the same “hard, but casual, but hard” retro game we all love. Play it now in its best form!


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