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iPhone / iPad
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All your precious days, be with The Day Before. Is there a day you dont want to miss, such as anniversaries with your lover, familys birthday, important exams, and interviews? Manage your schedule easily and conveniently at The Day Before! ■ New! Lock Screen Widget Added You can check out your events easily with 7 types of lock screen widgets. ■ Customized calculation method that fits the situation The cloved and most convenient D-Day app in the world! Not only the countdown, but also the repeated calculation of the year, month, and week, and the number of baby months are easily calculated. * Various calculation methods * D-Day (countdown) / Day Count / Months / Weeks / DDMMYY / Monthly repeat / Yearly repeat / Weekly repeat / Love / Birthday / Exam / Diet / Christmas / No Smoking / Trip - You can easily manage your schedule with a list of anniversaries with dates every 100 days. - There is an alarm on the 7th, 3rd, 5th, and 1st day of D-Day, so you may not miss the important day. ■ Decorating D-Day as I want - Stickers, background effects, background colors, fonts, text colors, decorating edges, etc - You can see it in the home screen widget as its decorated - Widgets of various designs are ideal for home screen decoration! ■ Story that records over time - Keep a record of your precious day - You can upload 10 pictures on one story - Diet diary, exam preparation, baby growth diary, and so on ■ For anniversaries with someone, Sharing features - You can share D-Day event with friends and family. - You can save the beautifully decorated D-Day as an image. ■ Organize it according to the category! Group Features - Tie up similar events and manage it comfortably with a group setting feature - Group sharing and in-group sorting are also possible. With The Day Before, you wont miss precious moments in your busy daily life. Style your own D-Day, The Day Before. * How to add Widget on Home screen * 1. Touch and hold an empty space on the iPhone home screen. 2. Press the + button on the top. 3. Select THE DAY BEFORE from the list. 4. Select a widget and press + Add Widget at the bottom. 5. Tap and hold the widget to select Edit Widget. 6. Press Choose Event to select which event to display in the widget. --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Photo / media / file permissions This will be used to load and save photos. * For an app-related issues and errors, please contact help@thedaybefore. me


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