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UK Settlement Planner

UK Settlement Planner iPhone / iPad (App Store)

iPhone / iPad
iPhone / iPad
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The UK Settlement Planner (UKSP) is a very useful tool for those who are living in the United Kingdom with a valid visa waiting to become eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or British Citizenship. The app requires all the visa information that you have obtained from the Home Office to stay in the UK. The app then calculates the continuous residence period for the ILR based on the visa information provided or the Citizenship Eligibility date based on the ILR duration. The app also allows you to manually log the trips and vacations during your Continuous Residence period which is helpful to you to keep track of your days outside of the UK. You can keep a digital record of your visa and travel information on your device and when you apply for ILR or Citizenship, you can refer to this app to list all your visa information for the previous grants and trips abroad to fill up the details including exact dates, country visited and the purpose of the trip. To obtain ILR, you need to have stayed in the UK with a Continuous Residence period of at least 2, 3, 5, or 10 years based on the grant provided to you when you applied for the visa to enter the UK legally. To obtain citizenship, you need to have held ILR for at least 12 month period with its own continuous residence rule. We designed this app to help those who are currently on track for their ILR or Citizenship. The following are the set of features in the app. The UKSP : - will hold a digital record of your profile and visas you obtained during your stay in the UK - will estimate your eligibility for the ILR or citizenship based on the grants you hold and provided to the app - will allow you to log your trips and vacations outside of the UK and associate it to one or more profiles - will provide you with an estimated date and number of days remaining for your ILR or Citizenship based on the information provided We DO NOT store any of your information given in this app anywhere with us. All data you provide to the app is ONLY stored locally on your device and we have no access to it whatsoever. We try our best to support all the visa types available for settlement. Being a team of 2, it is hard to manage to do this in a single release. So this version of the UKSP is an MVP to test the waters. The MVP version supports the following visas. - Visitor Visa & Study Visa which are not eligible for settlement - Eligibility for ILR with Continuous Residence calculation for - Work Visas (Tier 1, 2 & 5, Skilled Worker Visa, Work Permit, Global Talent Visa, Business Visas, Domestic Worker Visa & Turkish Business Visa) If youre on a visa that is currently not supported, kindly drop a note through the feedback section of the app and we will try to prioritise it. Disclaimer: These calculations and eligibility information provided by this app are ONLY ESTIMATES. They must be used for INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY. You must make sure to verify all your data before providing it to the Home Office while making the settlement application is truthful and accurate. Were not affiliated or associated with Home Office or any other immigration services. This app is purely based on the information provided on the www. gov. uk website. We can neither advise you nor provide any updates regarding the visa and immigration services or anything related to Home Office. https://www. uksettlementplanner. co. uk/disclaimer. html


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