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ES File Explorer is a local and network file management tool that can help you manage files easily. 【The main function】 -File management You can create new directories, rename, move, delete files, etc. Support file sorting by name, date, size The iPad version supports features such as split screen, picture-in-picture, and drag-and-drop operations between apps - file transfer WiFi transmission function: support the transfer of files between the mobile terminal and the computer terminal Face-to-face fast transfer function: support for transferring files between mobile phones -Compress and decompress Support the compression and decompression of ZIP, RAR, 7Z format files Support Chinese password -Built-in audio and video player Support functions: double-speed playback (0. 5~2. 0), background playback, small window playback, etc. Can directly play audio and video resources in the network disk, local area, and local area network -Netdisk aggregation No need to download, you can access and use the files in the network disk Support simultaneous login with multiple accounts on the same network disk Support mainstream network disks such as Baidu network disk, google drive, OneDrive, dropbox, etc. -Remote service access: SMB, FTP, WebDAV -Built-in PDF editor Support PDF file browsing PDF file editing: supports highlight, underline, strikethrough, pen and other functions -Built-in novel reader Support TXT, EPUB format, continuous optimization -Built-in code editor Supports browsing and editing of 47 code formats such as json, js, log, java, php, swift, xml, net, etc. Support code theme switching, font size adjustment, encoding format adjustment -Other functions Automatic backup function: support incremental backup of system albums and ES local files to Baidu network disk, SMB, FTP, WebDAV Recycle bin function: support ES local files to be temporarily stored in the ES recycle bin after deletion to prevent file loss Browser: Support web browsing Application lock: protect user privacy and safety Terms of Service: http://esfile. do-global. com/h5/user_manual. html Privacy Policy: http://www. estrongs. com/privacyStatement/en/index. htm Email: esfileexplorerfeedback@outlook. com Facebook: https://www. facebook. com/OfficialESFileExplorer/ YouTube: https://goo. gl/YVXXV3


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