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The Making of Lumino City

The Making of Lumino City iPhone / iPad (App Store)

iPhone / iPad
iPhone / iPad
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A coffee table book for your iPhone and iPad. Completely free and with no in-app purchases. An unprecedented look behind the scenes of the multiple award winning puzzle adventure Lumino City! Discover the magic of how a groundbreaking game was handcrafted by a small team of passionate people. Editors Choice and BAFTA award winning Lumino City, available for iOS and Apple TV, is a unique puzzle adventure game hand made entirely from paper, card, miniature lights and motors. Now you can discover the incredible work that went into crafting it. Mixing video, interaction, interviews and more, The Making of Lumino City is a wonderful experience in itself, and allows you to explore the magic behind the scenes of one of the most stunning videogames of recent times. FEATURES • See the beautiful early sketches and prototypes • Watch how the intricate models were made • Play with the lighting and camera used to film the game • Hear from the creators themselves • Extra features for those who own Lumino City – swap to and from the game in real time to explore each scene in detail. • Discover the amazing story of how, armed with just paper, cameras and imagination, a small team of artists, architects, modelmakers and games designers went on to create a multiple award winning videogame. If you enjoy what you see, please consider purchasing Lumino City from the App Store. Heres what a few people have been saying about it. PRAISE FOR LUMINO CITY “A lovely piece of escapism… a technological marvel. ” –Pocket Gamer, Silver Award “Lumino City is simply a masterpiece. ” –Touch Arcade, Game of the Week “A game that’s just as fun to watch as it is to actually play. ” –TIME, ‘10 Apps to Download on Your New Apple TV Right Now’ “The game is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen” –AppAdvice, 5-star review “The adventure has you running around this world that looks real enough that you’ll want to live there. It’s a strikingly beautiful game. ” –Pocket Tactics “Its great looks are reminiscent of the PlayStation 4 games Tearaway or LittleBigPlanet, and shows what the Apple TV can handle graphically. ” –CNET, ‘Best Games for Apple TV’ App Store Editor’s Choice (Apple TV & iOS), 4. 5-star user rating Awards include: ** BAFTA - Three Times Nominated & Winner 2015 ** ** Develop Awards - Winner ** ** BIG Festival - Winner ** ** Indie Prize Casual Connect ** Lumino City Features: AN ENTIRELY HANDMADE CITY. Everything you see on screen was made using paper, cardboard and glue, miniature lights and motors. A UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL WORLD TO EXPLORE. Venture beyond the city gates to discover gardens in the sky, boats marooned high on an immense waterwheel, and houses dug precariously into cliffs. AWE INSPIRING PUZZLES. Play with real objects within each scene. Control windmills in the clouds, provide power to a house using only lemons plus your own ingenuity, and work out how to win at the most puzzling pinball table ever created.


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