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iOS 9.0 и выше
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Enter an ancient world filled with magic.

Follow the story of Socrates as he explores the world, gains new allies, and defeats dangerous enemies.

Game features:
1. Spectacularly designed cartoon heroes
Get lost in the fantastical colors of an ancient magical world!2. Ancient myths - with a twist!
Experience an other-worldly story based on legends from bygone empires. Recruit mythic warriors and restore peace!3. Assemble your team and make your strategy!
Gather a powerful team of heroes with different skills, gear sets, and attributes to take down fierce bosses and minions throughout countless dungeons.4. Dungeons and other game modes packed with rewards!
Search for treasure hidden within winding mazes to challenge your limits! Check in every day to earn even more rewards. Take down opponents in the Arena and become the strongest gladiator in the world!5. Make friends or enemies - compete against players worldwide!
Make new friends in world chat or in a guild with other players. Fight with teammates against people all around the world!

Adventure awaits!


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