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SchattenWurf for Shadowrun (App Store)

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Daniel Benkmann
iOS 15.0 и выше
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SchattenWurf is a dice rolling app for use with the Shadowrun tabletop RPG (4th/5th/6th Edition). Roll up to 99 dice, automatically count the rolled hits and keep a log of previous rolls. Also supports Glitches and the "Rule of Six".

The SchattenWurf app does not need an internet connection and is completely ad free! This is an app developed as a passion project for my fellow Shadowrun players. If you find the app helpful please spread the word.

Note: This is not a standalone game app! It is a utility app intended to be used together with the Shadowrun tabletop roleplaying game.

- Simple interface
- Quick & easy selection of the amount of dice to roll
- Dice roll log
- Enable "Rule of Six", e.g. for rolls using Edge
- Shows Glitches and Critical Glitches
- Toggle between SR5/SR6 & SR4 Glitch rules (i.e. in SR5/SR6 a glitch occurs if MORE than half the dice you rolled show a one; in SR4 a Glitch occurs if HALF OR MORE of the dice rolled come up as 1s)
- Dice-rolling sounds (Optional)
- Automatically sort rolled dice from highest to lowest (Optional)
- Show rolled 1s in a different color (Optional)


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