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Evo by Ozobot

Evo by Ozobot iOS 9.0 и выше

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Evollve Inc.
iOS 9.0 и выше

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To get the most out of this app, you should own an Evo robot. Visit to order yours. You can also download this app to explore and learn more about Evo! Get started by discovering ways to control and code Evo. Collect stars, play games, and chat with friends as you go! Then, explore infinite creative ideas and share your own Evo creations with the OzoSquad. Follow Ozobot–the makers of Evo–for updates, discounts, and robot selfies. Twitter and Instagram: @ozobot Facebook: CONNECT Pair the app with your Evo using Bluetooth® Smart technology. Complete an Evo Experience Pack to code Evo with colors and start collecting stars in the app! Connect with your friends. Then chat and send Ozojis, emojis their Evos act out. PLAY Control Evo’s speed, sounds, and LED lights with Drive. In OzoLaunch, send Evo hurtling from target to target with slingshot-style controls. Play with code and teach Evo new tricks with OzoBlockly. Run programs from the app! With an Avenger Action Skin for Evo, enter the Marvel’s Avengers zone for Stark Academy missions. EXPLORE Discover more ways to code Evo with colors. Get inspired by Evo creations, from OzoBlockly programs to color code drawings. Share your creations and collaborate with the OzoSquad. Explore all of your Evo’s unique sounds with Voice and Sounds. This app supports Evo, by Ozobot. It does not support Bit.


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