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Canine Cancer

Canine Cancer iOS 10.0 и выше

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iOS 10.0 и выше

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Официальное описание

It’s finally here the canine cancer texting pack. It took a while to create because I cried a lot while making this I lost my sweet girl Chloe to cancer. The pack has a total of 26 graphics and one of them is an animated candle to represent “In Remembrance” of your dog that may have passed away from cancer. You can watch the fire flicker with a soft glow around it. If your dog is fighting cancer…I wish him/her all the best in getting better and beating it. 100 of all profits will be donated in honor of my sweet girl Chloe to various dog organizations that deal with health rescue and a great love for all dogs everywhere. Thank you for purchasing this texting pack and giving back with me. MY STORY In the beginning I said I did not want a dog. I wasn’t really an animal person. But my family talked me into going to look at some dogs. As I walked up to where they all were. There was this one little chocolate colored lab with gorgeous green eyes. She looked up at me and then exposed her belly for me to pet. Oh my God…I fell in love at first sight. Those beautiful green eyes looking up at me. I said I have to have her. So I took her home. Through the years that dog changed my life and my heart. You see I wasn’t an animal person and didn’t care for them at all. I never grew up with animals. Today I LOVE all animals because Chloe changed my heart and my thinking. I don’t know how that happened but it did. She had a special love power. Lol! Chloe lived to be 10 years old. I have experienced so much love joy and sweetness with Chloe. She eventually ended up getting cancer and we tried fighting it we tried so hard I’m crying again. But we lost her to cancer ​unfortunately. I remember bending down to whisper in her ear “Chloe it’s ok to go I love you” and about 1 minute after that she passed away. I think she was holding on because of me. Those were the hardest words I ever uttered gosh all this crying again while writing this. I’ve never lost an animal before and it was almost unbearable. That’s been about 2 years now and it still hurts today. I made this texting pack in honor of my sweet girl and that’s why I’m giving all the profits away to dog organizations.


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