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Escape from Doom

Escape from Doom (App Store)

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iOS 6.0 и выше
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Mikael Tyrsen

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LOOKS AMAZING ON IPHONE 6 & IPHONE 6+4/5 \"a great experience\" - 148apps.com4/5 \"Escape From Doom benefits from some outstanding visuals\" - Modojo.com8.5/10 \"Escape from Doom is a lot of fun and a perfect compliment to your gaming regime this October\" - ArcadeSushi.comYou disturbed their eternal slumber, you evoked their vengeful wrath, now you must Escape from Doom! Transported back in time to Egypt during the treasure-hunting craze of the 1920s, you barely escape from a crumbling tomb only to find yourself surrounded by the mummified guardians of the stolen treasure. Will you escape with your life? Or join the ranks of the dead? In this endless runner and first-person shooter mashup, it\'s up to you to run as far as possible before succumbing to their ceaseless chase. But the power is in your hands! Collect emeralds during your escape to purchase useful weapons and upgrades, like the dual revolvers and crossbow, which will turn the odds in your favor. Accomplish goals to unlock even more perks! The more you play, the farther you\'ll run! It\'s an action game of high adventure right at your fingertips: run, dodge, and shoot your way through savage sandstorms and dusty temples. But be careful, in the cursed desert the treasure hunter is the hunted!KEY FEATURES-3D desert environment with creepy 3D mummies-Heart pounding fast paced action-Treasure chests containing realistic weapons-Strategic interchangeable perks-Over 60 goals move you through levels to unlock more powerful weapons and perks-Collectable gems and keys help you level up faster-Includes game center leader boardsOPTIMIZED FORiPhone 5, 5C and 5SiPad 2, 3, 4 and miniiPod 5+*currently being optimized for 4S working on performance issuesFollow us on twitter @triggerhappylaFollow us on Facebook http://fb.me/triggerhappygames


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