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Joe Danger Infinity


iOS 13.0 и выше
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Hello Games

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\"Lovingly crafted\" 9/10 IGN\"Funny and super addictive\" 9/10 Eurogamer\"A gorgeous, must-have motorbike game\" 9/10 PocketGamer\"One of the most fun games on iOS\" 9/10 Digital SpyJOE DANGER’S BIGGEST ADVENTURE YET!Wear the cape of the World’s Most Determined Stuntman, and take your trusty motorbike on a wild ride from zero to hero! Race, ride and defy death as you jump buses, dodge giant mousetraps, leap tanks full of sharks and reclaim your title of Master of Disaster! Swipe Joe to pop a wheelie, flick obstacles out of the way, tap to jump, hold down to crouch and waggle to fight sharks!NEWLY REMASTERED FOR 2022With a graphical overhaul and new engine Joe Danger Touch boasts the following major enhancements:- Back in action! iOS 15, 64bit Architectures now supported!- ProMotion support- Better power performance with new optimized shaders- Beautiful image quality, higher resolution graphics, textures with antialiasing and Metal support- Multitouch improvements- And much, much more including localisation updates*BEAUTIFUL! Eye-popping 3D graphics*FUN! Critically acclaimed gameplay in your hands*SMOOTH! Intuitive touch controls*HUGE! 20+ hours of non-stop action*UNLOCKABLE! 25+ playable characters to discover*GAMECENTER! Pull tricks and combos to beat your friendsHello Games is a tiny indie studio, your support and 5-star ratings keep the updates coming :)Find out more @ us @


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