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iProTV for iPtv  m3u content

iProTV for iPtv m3u content (App Store)

iOS 13.0 и выше Программы
649 ₽
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Фото и видео
iOS 13.0 и выше
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Поддерживаемые языки
Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
Malek Radhouani

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Сейчас цена на iProTV for iPtv m3u content — 649 ₽ .

iProTv let you play your playlist saved in an M3U/ M3U8 format or using xtream codes in your iPhone/iPad or Apple tv with only one purchase !* Supports xtream codes API and m3u remote files.* Download your favorite movies and tv shows for offline use.* Open any media in VLC application so you can use chromecast with you TV.* You can the native player (if possible), this will bring support for Airplay and PiP (Picture in Picture).* Live channels * * Multi-view: Now you can watch up to 4 live channels simultaneously. * You can save the multiview so next time you open up to 4 channels in one click ;) * Support for replay/catch-up (you need to add your provider as xtream codes and your provider have to have replays)   * Record live channels ! * You can download your recorded channels using a browser (Mac, PC, Tablettes ..) * You can choose between a grid view or list view with EPG and live preview. * EPG: you can access the EPG by using haptic/force touch on the channel icon. * Closed caption supported.* Synchronisation * * Every time you add a playlist in one of your devices, it will be added in the others :) * Start watching a movie on your iPad, continue watching it on your Apple tv : progress time is synced for every profile over all your devices! * You have up to 6 profiles so everyone in your family have his own favorites, continue watching, categories, hidden categories and more !* Categories * * You can create custom categorie(s) and add live channels/movies/series in it which will be synced over all your devices and linked to your profile. * You can hide categorie(s) (channels/movies/series): you can hide all the categories you are not using.* Media * * You can go to next/previews channel right from your player. * Movies and Series have a dedicated view to display informations such poster image, actors .. * Series have dedicated section to display episodes with title and screenshot. * Next episode button : you can go directly to the next episode using the \"Next episode\" button displayed at the end of the episode. * Audio tracks support. * Subtitles support.* Widget * * You can have access to your favourites and continue watching right on your home screen (iOS and iPadOS 14 only).* Other features * * Support for dark/light mode. * Support for split mode on Ipad. * Fast parsing playlist. * Gorgeous UI for iPhones/iPads and Apple TVs. * Connect HDMI cable or use mirroring feature to watch your media on full screen on your TV.Your privacy is important this is why i choose to use Apple\'s iCloud servers to save and sync your data.Note : This application does not contain any playlist/media and I don\'t provide such content.Note : To have synced content, all devices have to be connected to the same iCloud account.


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