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LE02 | AudioKit Retro Piano

LE02 | AudioKit Retro Piano (App Store)

iOS 11.0 и выше Программы
279 ₽
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iOS 11.0 и выше
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AudioKit Pro

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Сейчас цена на LE02 | AudioKit Retro Piano — 279 ₽ .

Retro Piano is Sold Out. Limited Edition App #2 of 10 is now over. Get notified about NEW Limited Edition Apps and sales: iPhone 6s & up. Super beautiful vintage piano. Features 8 velocity layers for expressive sound. Works wonderfully with a MIDI Keyboard or iOS host.Express yourself. Create your signature retro piano sound. Simple controls allow you to easily create an emotional vibe for your next hit record. Big sound, small space! 500mb of samples compressed to 50mb for space saving expressive keys. Has custom Vinyl noise to give it a \"Sampled\" sound. PLUS, we stacked the piano with a vintage synth for a perfect pairing of piano and synth pads. Creates retro feelings, vibes, and sounds. Easily make lo-fi and nostalgic sounds!FEATURES:+ Standalone app & AUv3 Plug-in+ Vinyl Record warble speed & depth + Universal: Get both iPhone & iPad versions for life, free+ Multiple velocities: Use an external MIDI piano keyboard for expressive sounds+ 40+ Original Vinyl Noise samples+ Crush, Distortion, and special sauce+ Tremolo, Reverb, and other cool FX!+ Limited Edition Apps feature NEW powerful AUv3 code. Works great as an AU plugin in GarageBand, Cubasis 3, BM3, NS2, AUM, Auria Pro, and more+ Oh yeah, it sounds really, really good!+ Big Piano Sound, small size! The entire app is under 70mb on most devices\"Love the way it sounds… Vinyl noise and crush, Dope!\"– Circuit Brent, 12-Bit SoulNOTE: This app is intended to be a dirty, distorted, noisy and lo-fi sounding piano. Please be careful with your hearing!FAQ – LIMITED EDITION APPSWhat happens if I get a new iPhone or iPad?The limited edition apps you have already acquired will remain in the app store so that you’ll always be able to download them as long as you have the same iTunes account.What happens after the \"app drop\" release time is over?The apps will remain in the App Store so that you may download updates. After the “app drop”, the price in the app store will go to the maximum price tier. As long as you keep the same iTunes account, you may download updates and copies to new devices for free!Will the apps still be updated?The apps will be updated for new iOS versions, to ensure that your limited edition apps continue to work as iOS technology progresses.HOW CAN I KNOW ABOUT FUTURE SPECIAL EDITION APPS?Please tell your friends to go the fun! :)


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